The Warrior Ethos & PTSD

May 18, 2016

I have to doubt that we all remember the Warrior Ethos.  However, it's important for us to remember and live this daily.


I will NEVER quit

I will NEVER accept defeat

I will ALWAYS place the mission first

I will NEVER leave a fallen comrade


Just because we may be out of the military and the bullets aren't flying we still have a mission!  We have a mission to stay mentally fit, and to help our buddies to do the same.  Listen, just because you're doing OK, doesn't mean your buddy is OK.  You need to reach out all the time, do a COMMO check.  Never leaving a fallen comrade doesn't just apply to the physical battlefield.  It also applies to the mental battlefield that some of us may be in for a long time, maybe forever.


It pisses me off when I see or hear someone speak of a HOTLINE.  I can't think of many veterans that have called one!!  Why?  The typical combat Vet has major trust issues with strangers.  We don't tend to confide in them.  Now, those we've shared a muddy, stinking foxhole with, we do trust.  That said, we don't often reach out.  There's a reason behind this.  In the military we're trained to "suck it up", "rub some dirt on it", and drive on.  That's great.  That, in many ways, helps us to break through barriers in training and in battle.  But, in the mental battlefield, it's a NO GO.  If you tell your buddy who's living with PTSD to suck it up, you most likely just helped them squeeze the trigger next time they have thoughts of suicide.


So, you didn't stop being a warrior when you left the military, SO, you can't stop living the Warrior Ethos.  Never quit on yourself or your buddies.  Never let the mental battle win.  Always put you, your family, and your comrades first.  And check on your buddies because they may not be in the same mental state that you are, even if that means chasing them down.

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