Kyle W.


To begin, Victory Gym is not your ordinary gym, it is an awesome gym. Being a veteran that lives with PTSD, this place is like a second home for me and so many other veterans. It’s a place to work out or just hang out with fellow veterans.


This gym has helped me in more ways that words can express, it has not only helped me get in better shape physically but also mentally. This is the reason that I help out as much as I can with the gym so that others may reap the same benefits that I have.

Thomas H.


I am 38 and a veteran of the United States Air Force from May 1998 to February 2003. After my honorable discharge from the Air Force and going back to Michigan just within a month getting home I felt lost. The adaption process from the military way of living back to civilian life was overwhelming, which led me to not being able to keep a job long-term and not having any friends (exception are my wife’s friends), but they still don’t understand my sense of humor or personality that I gained through the military after 12 years of knowing them. Additionally became depressed, which led to from being in “military shape” to becoming obese, which has led to multiple cases of gout in both feet. 

But since Victory Gym VHC opened I have found a place where people can relate to me and I relate to them (still a process on my part to open up a bit more, but am getting there). Victory Gym VHC has given me a reason to smile again and look forward day to day anxiously waiting to go there after work and/or when the kids are in bed. It’s a facility that is more than a gym to me, but my “therapy” and “second home” to me.

Additionally, my health has greatly improved since starting at Victory Gym VHC.  I have lost high percentage of body fat (I lost my wedding ring shortly after starting at Victory Gym due to my hands/fingers losing fat) and less cases of gout in my feet. Also, my strength has greatly improved and will use the “Big 3” exercises as an example:

Bench Press = 135 lbs. start to 340 lbs. current maximum

Squat = 225 lbs. start to 525 lbs. current maximum

Dead Lift = 225 lbs. start to 515 lbs. current maximum


In conclusion, please assist for providing grant(s) to Victory Gym VHC as personally for me “my therapy” and “second home”, but if it’s that way for me you can guarantee it is same for the all current members and also our future members.

Leslie T. 

I was introduced to Victory Gym Veterans Health Club in January 2017.  I had previously worked with homeless and addicted Veterans, and I wondered what happened to the thousands of veterans whom were no longer in the service. I realized they needed help navigating the system.

I am an LMSW, clinical. My family is also comprised of Veterans; from my sister, Amber to my father, Tom (Navy and Army, respectively). Each generation of soldiers, from pre to post war, have various issues that need to be treated, otherwise they are at risk to become a homeless veteran.

Victory Gym is a place where veterans, current service men and women, and first responders can go to feel the brotherhood that is lacking after retirement or leaving the Service. Many veterans have seen war, and we have members whom fought in WWII all the way to high school kids whom are considering joining the Service to fight for our country. We wish to ensure they are supported through every transition. To do this, we need to hold on to our physical building where veterans can go. This includes aid in rent/mortgage, power, and water; or general operations costs.

VGVHC has helped me personally as a Veteran Caregiver. Some days I'm not sure who to talk to, no one understands. Then I attend a meeting at Victory or call a Victory volunteer, and they understand. There is truly no place like VGVHC in the United States. We are unique in the respect this facility is by veterans and their families for veterans and their families. We would appreciate anything you can do to continue helping United States Servicemen and Veterans.

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