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About Chrissy

From Chrissy:

I walked through the doors at Victory Gym VHC in early 2018 and I was simply looking for a gym but I found so much more than that. I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the finest human beings on this earth - veterans, first responders, and people with hearts full of gratitude for those who serve this country. 

These people do not know the meaning of receiving - they only give - and they are the true meaning of selflessness and sacrifice. I volunteer at Victory because, while as a civilian I may not truly know the depth of their sacrifices, I recognize that they do make sacrifices on a daily basis and I recognize they have scars.


Victory is a place where they can come to heal, relieve stress, get help if it's needed, and be a part of a family of people who care and appreciate deeply everything they have done.


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