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We are a 501(c)(3) Federal Charity dedicated to enriching veteran and first responder lives.
A Veteran's Health Club dedicated to conquering PTSD through physical fitness, support, and camaraderie. 


Everyday 22 veteran lives are lost to suicide. The numbers for first responders are equally appalling. Our mission is to put a wrench in these terrible statistics!


Victory Gym VHC was formed by a disabled veterans with this goal in mind. We continue to be operated by veteran, first responder, and civilian volunteers. We have the unique ability to address the specific needs of those who serve through firsthand knowledge.


Victory Gym VHC offers a community where members "speak the same language," share similar experiences, and can once again feel camaraderie, a sense of importance, and belonging.

Victory Gym is a special place where everyone is welcome. We are entirely staffed by volunteers, including management, all of our equipment has been donated, and every penny goes to furthering our mission.


Stop in anytime to see how contributions like yours are put to good use!

I love the mission and want to support the good being done at Victory Gym VHC!

How do I donate?


Checks made payable to: Victory Gym, VHC

Donation Box: Located in lobby of the gym!


23158 King Rd.

Brownstown, MI




Sunday - Thursday                   6AM-9PM

Friday & Saturday                  6AM-10PM

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